Sam Powell Piano Care

Helping DC Area Pianists get more enjoyment
from their pianos for over 50 years

A properly cared for piano can be an absolute joy to the owner.

There is something almost mystical about the sound of a steel string, set in motion by a felt hammer and amplified by a wooden sounding board.

When a piano is properly cared for, with good humidity control, even in the rapidly changing Montgomery County weather, it should always sound good, even right before tuning. If a piano sounds badly out of tune before tuning, either the tuner is doing a less than excellent job, the piano is no longer structurally sound, or the humidity and temperature need to be gotten under control.

I hope you enjoy this website! Please explore to learn more about pianos and piano care. Click first on the tab on the left side to read the most basic information. Then hover your cursor over each tab and click on the "flyout" menus to read more.

Phone: 301-963-8055  E-mail: spowell786@verizon.net

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“The Bechstein plays beautifully... perhaps better than it ever has! Thanks for all the work.”
– Linda Benoit
Piano teacher and
church musician
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